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Gain insights here into various challenges that we have collaboratively solved with our clients over the past three years.
"Working with axio concept GmbH has proven to be a pivotal step in our digital transformation. Their profound understanding of our strategic goals and the ability to implement these with advanced AI solutions and digital components has deeply impressed us."
Sebastian Kriegsmann, CIO, Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.
Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. - Smart Standards
In a digitized world, standards and norms must also be made available digitally to be directly utilized in machines and application systems (such as CAD or RMS applications). The goal is to offer standards in a format that can be automatically read and understood by production-related systems. This makes numerous production-related processes more efficient and can also improve their quality and compliance.
In close partnership with DIN, we are collaboratively working towards the future of standardization. Over the last five years, we have designed and implemented various AI solutions and content platforms that make the creation and use of standards smarter and more efficient.
Cloud-based webshop for a healthcare startup

Our client produces medical corrective measures for their end customers, specifically tailored to the individual's body. The basis for manufacturing is a 3D scan (LiDAR scan) that the customer creates with their own smartphone during the ordering process.

Within 3 months, we developed a platform for the project based on Microsoft Azure and Shopify, which processes the 3D scans, prepares them for production, and maps out the order management.

"Highly recommended! The competent and personal consultation was very helpful in evaluating the use of AI for my company."
From our reviews on Google
"The team at axio impresses with their ability to quickly and efficiently turn innovative concepts into practical solutions, in both software engineering and the field of AI. We particularly value their pragmatic approach, which enables us to effectively tackle complex challenges. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with axio concept and are confident that our joint journey will continue to be marked by success."
Sven Bergander, Head of Digital Platforms, Beuth Verlag GmbH
SIMPI GmbH: Innovative Content Platform
SIMPI is a platform where product manufacturers can publish multimedia how-to guides for their products.
The easy-to-consume, multimedia instructions ("Simpi's") are operated by swiping gestures on a smartphone. Manufacturers can add helpful tips, complementary product offerings, live videos, stickers, and voice outputs to their Simpi's and showcase them on attractive brand pages.
We have realized the complete suite for creating Simpi's, the player, and the analytics features: from conception, through development, to deployment and operation. We also provide advisory services to SIMPI GmbH on business model and marketing questions.
Software Company - Automated First-Level Support
We are currently delivering an automation of customer support for a medium-sized information system manufacturer, based on generative AI. The automation works on two levels: On one hand, recurring tickets in the first-level support are answered automatically. For the remaining tickets, the AI assists the support staff by providing suggestions for responses through a chat, based on manuals, internal knowledge bases, and past support cases.
"The axio team is creative, helpful, and efficient. They excel at turning innovative ideas into reality with the help of cutting-edge technology. I highly recommend axio as a technology partner!"
Jochen Hildebrandt, SIMPI GmbH
DAX-Konzern: Digital Claims Processing
Recording, reviewing, and documenting damages during the return of rental vehicles or after vehicle transport is time-consuming and prone to errors.
Together with our client, we have developed an innovative platform for documenting vehicle damage. In a specific setup, pictures of the car from various perspectives are taken and securely stored in the cloud.
Using an iOS app, employees can conveniently navigate through the different perspectives, inspect the images, and directly mark any recognized damages with their finger.
"Collaborating with axio concept GmbH greatly enriches our product development. Their profound understanding of technology and architecture assists us in effectively realizing our product visions. We view axio concept GmbH as a valuable partner in our journey of innovation and would recommend them at any time."
Giuseppe Zitelli, Triestram & Partner GmbH
"Thanks to a successful AI project with axio concept GmbH, we've made a significant leap towards implementing semantic search in standards. Their AI solution facilitates a seamless integration of NLP models and provides a user-friendly web interface to display results quickly and effectively."
Dr.-Ing. Henning Agt-Rickauer, DIN Software GmbH

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